Blushington Academy for Artist Advancement

Blaze a New Trail

Advance and elevate your makeup career

Are you ready to advance your career as a professional makeup artist? Whether you’ve recently graduated from cosmetology school, are currently working as a freelance artist, or are seeking to elevate your salon’s makeup offerings, Blushington Academy for Artist Advancement can accelerate your growth.

Blushington has been a leader in the beauty industry for nearly a decade and has successfully trained over 1,000 expert makeup artists.

The Academy

Interactive, Informative and Completely Online

As a student of Blushington Academy for Artist Advancement, you will be enrolled in a twenty-five-hour online educational course that covers the practical and conceptual elements of establishing your expertise as a professional freelance makeup artist. Our virtual platform enables you to complete all coursework from the comfort of your home or office, and class size will be limited to ten students per session. Our courses are live, fully interactive and engaging – a completely different experience than watching a “How to” video or sitting in a classroom. Our curriculum has been created to position you as a purveyor of luxury beauty services, elevate your level of professionalism and help optimize your earning potential.

The Blushington Curated Makeup Kit

An exceptional makeup kit is essential for every working makeup artist.

Each student enrolled in the Academy will be outfitted with a curated, luxury Blushington Makeup Kit valued at $1000+ for use during the course and after when working with clients. The Kit will include Blushington-branded beauty tools, brushes and curated makeup from highly sought after brands.

Blushington’s Expert Faculty

You will have an unparalleled opportunity to learn remotely from some of the industry’s leading makeup artists. Our diverse faculty has worked backstage on the Red Carpet and New York Fashion Week, for film, magazines, theater and television, in private homes and salons, at weddings and for high profile clients and regular folks. They will bring their extensive training and real-world experience to you through our virtual, interactive classroom.

Blushington Academy for Artist Advancement graduates will:

  • Be identified as a member of the Blushington community – one of the country’s premier makeup and beauty service networks.
  • Be included in a searchable directory on as a Blushington Certified Makeup Artist.
  • Earn a monthly commission on all product sales via
  • Own a luxury Blushington Makeup Kit valued at $1000+.
  • Receive a professional discount for all personal product purchases.

Curriculum Overview

Blushington Academy for Artist Advancement curriculum has been meticulously designed to cover every facet of building your business as an expert makeup artist backed by the Blushington platform. Classes will include (but not be limited to) the following core themes:

  • “The Blushington Way” of makeup artistry.
    Your instructor will take you on a deep dive into a career’s worth of real-life, practical knowledge. Rather than theoretical concepts, you will learn useful, applicable tips, skills and techniques that can be applied to everyday situations. You will refine your technical makeup skills while developing a deeper knowledge of color theory, time management, hygiene and sanitation standards, and steps of service.

  • Freelance Basics. There are a number of factors that go into becoming a successful makeup artist. Your instructor will go into detail about the following topics:
    • establishing a loyal clientele
    • differentiating yourself from competitors
    • cultivating repeat business
    • managing social media outlets to promote your business
    • developing best business practices and essential skill sets
    • scheduling and timing
    • attaining and maintaining an appropriate level of professionalism at all times.
  • Scenario-based training.
    Work through many of the real-life situations, challenges and scenarios you may encounter as a makeup artist. For example, you will learn how to handle hard-to-please and indecisive clients, simulate responses to unexpected and unique situations, and discuss how to diffuse high stress atmospheres.

  • Product Expertise and Sales.
    Upon enrollment, you will receive a curated luxury makeup kit (worth $1,000+). Throughout the course, your instructor will teach from this kit, giving you a working knowledge of every product’s uses and applications. You will learn about different eye and face shapes, skin tones and styles to increase your level of confidence in the use of different products with a diverse set of clients.

  • The Art of the Customer Relationship.
    Set yourself apart from your competition. Learn how to deliver a five-star, luxury experience for customers and build fierce loyalty for your services. Delve into every facet of building positive, lasting customer relationships, including establishing your brand and referrals.

  • The Art of Building the Basket.
    Learn how to generate additional revenue by identifying and recommending the products your clients want and need, then providing them a convenient, secure way of shopping for them on Blushington Certified MUAs will earn commission on all product sales.

  • Bridal Makeup Artistry.
    Dive into the world of wedding makeup services and consider if this is an area you’d like to add to your repertoire. Bridal makeup can be lucrative and exciting. Explore the multi-step appointment and scheduling process that is necessary and unique to weddings, including trial, discovery, bridal makeup and bridal party makeup. Learn the best ways to market your services and how to network among other wedding industry professionals to develop greater job opportunities