Beauty Experts

Where technical expertise meets personal connection.

We are a collective family of hair, skincare and makeup professionals who are creative, experienced and passionate about our craft.

We have worked backstage and behind the scenes of New York Fashion Week and on the Red Carpet, prepping celebrities for the most public, high pressure moments of their lives. We work in private homes, salons, weddings, for high profile clients and the girl next door. We know every trick, tip and tool out there (and always discovering more); nothing makes us light up more than sharing it all with you, our clients.

Alexis Ferro

Brittany Scott

Erick Escobar

Sunita Mahtani

Sloane Knowles

Sarah Dandridge

Lauren Serra

Eduardo Pereira

Monika Marlo

Marie Bullock

It's True, We Love Beauty

We are beauty experts, yes. But we are also teachers. Each of us chose the Blushington family because we not only love the beauty world, but because we also love empowering people to feel beautiful. We are united in the belief that beauty is for everyone, regardless of age, race or gender.

We are not here to dictate the latest trends or push our idea of beauty on you. Beauty is intensely and wonderfully personal. It brings joy; it instills confidence; it uplifts. Whatever the service or product we are providing, whether online or in person, getting you to that place where you feel truly beautiful is what we are here for.

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