Makeup classes are
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Master the makeup look you’ve wanted, and finally learn how to apply the products you already own—plus, receive 10% off all products used on the day of your class. Our Blushington Pro Artists are the best of the best, and they'll show you all you need to know in your Makeup lesson.

ONE-ON-ONE: 75 MIN | $150



Welcome to the tools and skills you need to create your perfect makeup look, every time.

Makeup 101

Sit with our Pro Artist as you do half your face and they do the other half. You'll learn the tips and techniques to empower your own artistry--and you'll get 10% off any products used.

Meeting Makeup

Get a work from home professional, gorgeous look that translates flawlessly to the workplace.

Date Night

Learn how to make your makeup on point for that special night in.

Job Interview

Walk in like a boss. Get all the tips and tricks to make sure you nail that next interview.


Eyes are the windows to the soul. Make your eyes pop with extra sultry lashes and eyeshadow.


This class is designed to help father’s show their daughter’s how to apply age appropriate makeup, and to offer encouraging tips for her as she begins to experiment with makeup

Look 10 years younger

Look ten years younger and learn how to give your skin that extra love and attention.

Skincare 101

Pro makeup application starts with beautiful skin. Learn the basics to make your skin glow.

Skincare 101/High School

This class is designed to help educate teens about their skin, how to properly take care of their skin, the benefits and necessity of proper exfoliation and why protection is key.

What people are saying

That was amazing! Learned lots of new tips, can find all the products in one place, and the look is exactly what I was looking for. The Artist was fabulous! So informative and easygoing. Makeup is scary to some of us and he made it so easy. I will be taking another class with Blushington!


Finally just took an in-store Makeup 101 Class and it was life changing. This class gave me the confidence to go out of my comfort zone and try something new. I highly recommend!


I would not consider myself a makeup guru by any means, so going into the class I was slightly intimidated that it would be too advanced for my knowledge. Within the first few moments, my Artist put me at ease—explaining the purpose of the class is to make it achievable on your own and that we would be in it together step-by-step. I love that the class broke down an easy, repeatable everyday makeup look. My Artist gave product (and color matching!) recommendations for some of her favorites and provided amazing tips to get the most out of the products I have! She empowered me to realize I can recreate this look easily and after 2 months of not wearing makeup—she made it FUN! As much as not getting ready every day is convenient, this everyday makeup look made me feel beautiful—which lifted my spirits and carried me through the rest of my day.



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